Emotional Sabotage - How Your Thoughts Control Your Health

If you could reduce your pain - or even improve your health - by simply changing your thought life, would you do it? This is not a theoretical question. It’s one based on scientific knowledge and practical experience. The placebo effect is well known among doctors and patients alike. A placebo is a sham treatment designed to mimic the appearance…

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4 Ways Enzymes Fight Fibromyalgia

A diagnosis of fibromyalgia may sound like a sentence to never-ending pain. But before you give up completely, new research shows there is hope for fighting the hronic pain, fatigue, hot spots and other symptoms of fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia and Inflammation - Fibromyalgia basically boils down to systemic inflammation. When the body believes it has…

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Chinese “Street Medicine” Tackles NFL-Sized Pain

What is one of the oldest healing practices known to man still relied on today – even by well-known Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Lena Dunham and Gwyneth Paltrow? Or NFL defensive ends like the Bronco’s DeMarcus Ware, who claims the therapy has helped him feel stronger, faster and more flexible than ever? If you answered “cupping”…

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Healing Herbs: Lemongrass

Lemongrass, noted for its use in Thai cooking, is both a delicious citrusy herb and a remarkable natural healer. In traditional medicine, lemongrass is commonly used to treat fever, flu and headaches as well as aid digestion. Headache and Migraine Relief - Lemongrass has long been used for headache relief. Now it’s proven to be at least as effective…

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Back Surgery: When Is It The Right Option For You?

Have you or a loved one been told that back surgery is the only option left? Have you already had spinal surgery just to find limited pain relief - or even more back pain than ever? For over a decade I’ve helped thousands of people faced with the prospect of back surgery. And more often than not I’ve been able to help them find relief from back…

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Featured Expert: Dr. Mark Wiley, PhD, OMD, MSM

Arthritis Expert

Dr. Mark V. Wiley is unique. As a doctor of both Oriental and Alternative medicine, best selling author, martial art master and international seminar instructor… no one does for wellness what he does!


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