Our Gift to You:
101 Tips for a Healthy Back - Free PDF and Video Series

The path to mobility and an active lifestyle requires a strong, healthy back. If you'd like to become more active and do the things you truly love to do, you must take care of your back and body.

Our health and back experts have put together the most comprehensive collection of useful tips, that you can begin to use right away… and we have made it available for you for FREE!

Here is just some of what you will learn in the 101 Tips for a Healthy Back PDF and Video Series:

  • Simple Posture Tips That Can Help You Strengthen Your Core and Correct Postural Dysfunctions

  • When to rest and for how long after you experience a flare up

  • When to use ice and when to use heat

  • Best positions to sleep if you have back issues

  • The importance of healthy food choices, and which foods you may want to avoid

  • How stress and emotions contribute to how you are feeling physically

  • Over 25 therapies you aren’t likely to hear about from traditional doctors

  • Simple stretches that loosen tight muscles and correct muscular imbalances

  • The best mattresses and pillows for people with back issues

  • Shoes that may be contributing to your condition

  • The correlation between the back and body, why you must address more than just your spine

  • The importance of hydration for a healthy spine (which is often overlooked!)

  • Info on Rolfing, Acupressure, Inversion Therapy, Prolotherapy, Alexander Technique, Homeopathy, Emotional Freedom Technique, and More!

  • Affordable tools that can help you achieve a healthy back and maintain an active lifestyle for years to come.

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Free Bonus! Healing affirmations for Back Issues

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